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Words from CEO

I lived in London for 40 years from the age 17, 1982 finished business studies at UNI, 1995 doing my Air Transport Licence (ATPL) at Guildhall UNI, Than went on opening numerous businesses, achieving many certificates by attending evening courses for self development and to support my business endeavours. Now at the age of 60, successfully settled in my native country of Cyprus, I was approached and before I knew it, I was announced as CEO for executive business jets… Well what can I say; I always dreamt for setting up my own air taxi, BUT, being a CEO for corporate jets it is a game changer, a dream world and challenge, I am exhilarated by this opportunity, words cannot express, thank you Nohara VIP Jets.

I have been flying since 1990 currently holding Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and I am passionate about Aviation, Aircrafts, Airliners, Airports, lots of A’s, but at the end it’s all about our world, our work, our life.

Last 3 years I have been an adviser to TRNC’s Transport Minister for Aviation and Transport, also attending to European Union (EU) missions as a technical person, at EU missions finding mistakes within EU’s legislation and asking EU to restudy and alter their own mistakes at Brussels. Also involved in rewriting laws for transport, achieving A new way of thinking within TRNC, for and on behalf of TRNC’s transport minister. I have written a 15 module books to be in line with Europe which is accepted within EU missions.

Our forever changing world means we find ourselves move faster in order to keep up. As someone with a passion for entrepreneurial-ship and an appreciation for innovation, it was a pleasure to spend time with some of the top business minds in our country.

My own time and thinking is now wholly focused on COVID-19 and on how Nohara VIP Jets can best play its role. I want you to know Nohara VIP Jets will continue to do its part, and we will not stop looking for new opportunities to help. For mere mortals, private jets are the ultimate luxury accessory, especially with our newly adapting way of living and protecting social distancing.

It is with great interest and enthusiasm that I present to you my enclosed resume to remain competitive, when you want to cut down on dead time. You might be in the air once, twice a week. It’s about convenience. It’s about getting a deal done – perhaps at some distant airport – and going home.

“When you’re flying private, you’re not faking it,” goes the saying. Business aviation allows for efficient, flexible, safe, secure and cost-effective access to destinations across the countrs and around the world.

Business aircraft allow employees to make a trip involving stops at several locations, then return to headquarters the same day. Hundreds or thousands of pounds can be saved on hotel rooms, rental cars, meals and other expenses that would be needed to make the same trip over several days via taxi, train or airline transport.

The Nohara VIP Jets is currently focusing on leveraging its strengths in VIP transport from your door step to your destination, to offer solutions for your luxury transport and services indispensable to you. Nohara remains committed to collaborating closely with each and every one of its stakeholders to create a safety, security and efficiency, enabling you to live more abundant life.

Going forward, we aim to establish a corporate culture in which every member of the Nohara Group possesses the spirit of self-help and takes initiative in carefully assessing your expectations, considering what can be done to meet these expectations, taking appropriate action, and providing value, as well as to build stronger relationships of trust with all of our stakeholders.

Cemal Sunar