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Benefit of Private Jets

Sometimes times change faster than anyone could ever imagine. Only a few months ago, few people foresaw what the world would look like today. As the world opens up for a new life after the pandemic, the demand for travel safely also increases. Many predict that the return to the density of regular flights we were used to will take a long time. The need to meet and socialize will always remain. Sure, we can do a lot with digital meetings, but the physical encounter between people is and will stay unbeaten.

By renting a private jet from us, you get a sensational feeling of comfort. It makes travel efficient and flexible but above all, safe and comfortable. We adapt to your schedule and your itinerary. You can be more efficient and have meetings in several different cities on the same day. Furthermore, you can be more productive as you can work undisturbed while moving between your sessions. We will make sure that your schedule holds up. Quick check-in and short transit times are essential factors in making business travel by air efficient. Many times meetings are forced to be rescheduled due to travel issues during the trip.

This is avoided when you use Nohara Jets for your transport. The flights often depart from small and easily accessible private terminals, which makes your days more efficient. If you are a group from your company that, for example, is going to a fair or an event, maybe a conference it is practical for several reasons to go in a private jet together.

You can undisturbedly use the time on board to work, and you can be fully confident that everyone is in the right place at the right time. Having to wait for colleagues who come from different directions costs time and money. With busy workdays, the vacation days with family or friends are often challenging to plan. The solution is the same; a private jet gives you more time to spend at the final destination rather than traveling. Instead of matching transfer buses and check-in times, you and your party take the fastest route to the vacancy and avoid queues and waiting times. With a private jet, the stress reduces and makes your valuable free time even more enjoyable.

4 reasons to fly private jets!

There are many reasons for using a private jet for your travels. Traveling is essential for many people. If it is a need in your daily life, at least you want it to be as safe as it can be. Using a private jet is time-efficient, and you are in charge of your own schedule. When you want to travel safely and efficiently, fly with us – Nohara Jets.

  1. Safe travels
    No more standing in line in crowded airports and no more fully booked flights. Flying with us means safe travels, short check-in-times, often from smaller airports with separate transit buildings, and a cabin that is clean and disinfected and ready for take-off as soon as you are onboard.
  2. Be more efficient
    Nohara Jets offers a private and confidential way of traveling. Use your time onboard to have meetings with your colleagues or clients in private, as you are the only passengers, or prepare yourself for your next meeting. No more waiting at airports, you gather your colleagues arriving from different destinations. Travel together and save time as well as money. It is your schedule and route, and we adjust to you. If you need a couple of more hours to close the deal – no problems. You don’t need to rebook your tickets, just give us a call, and we will adjust the flight schedule. Flexibility for passengers is maximal.
  3. Bring all you need
    No more repacking to adjust to the luggage limitations! Bring what you need. Private jets means fewer restrictions. If you need to bring smaller cargo stuff, marketing materials for a fair, you can be sure it will arrive with you. Maybe you have time to go golfing for a couple of hours, so bring your golf bag, just in case.
  4. Excellent service
    Our aircraft fleet are all top-of-the-line planes, and different sizes depending on how many you are and where you want to go. Our highly-skilled pilots will take you to your destinations, and our very professional cabin crew will make your flight a pure pleasure. Just let us know upon booking if you prefer coffee or Champagne, breakfast or supé, or why not, all of the above. We are here for you!