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Nohara Jets Affiliates Program

The Affiliate Program by Nohara Jets allows the affiliate to get a commission on every flight sold through its website. With over 2000 affiliates worldwide Nohara Jets its the largest and most profitability Jet affiliates program.

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The Affiliate Program by Nohara Jets allows the affiliate to get a commission/VP on every flight sold through its website, without any effort. We have successfully built a unique and innovative online platform.  

Our affiliate marketers are provided with promotional banners and widgets at no extra cost. Simply place links via social media platforms, banners, or widgets to receive client requests. 

Simply place links via banners or widgets to get customer requests

The affiliate will be able to see, in real time, all the information concerning the requests received, the flights being processed and the list of flights sold.

Nohara Jets rewards our affiliates with the following commission structure:

Sold 10.000€ = 100 VP

Sold 100.000€ = 1000 VP

Sold 1,000.000€ = 10.000 VP 

Sold 10,000.000€ = 100.000 VP

1 VP = 1€

100 VP = 100€

1000 VP = 1000€

10.000 VP = 10.000€

100.000 VP = 100.000€